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AU's Reporting Yes/No

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Re: AU's Reporting Yes/No

Pappy214 wrote: "Thanks. That does help!!! Now do they factor that age in right away? Like will my next EQ report note that my AAoA is not 7 months but 3 years?


The one account that I have knowledge of, that being the Chase account, the CRA's reported the entire history of the account on the AU's report, just as if it had been the AU's own account, since the beginning. The age of the account was reported in full, and it was also used at full value in averaging the age of ALL accounts.


Should help you wherever you are going with it!


All the best!


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Re: AU's Reporting Yes/No

From my personal experience:

PenFed does NOT report AU's, thank goodness.

Discover does, Bank of America does, and American Express does.

In fact, good luck trying to get AmEx to stop reporting AU cards. Both DH's and DD#2's AAoA's are lower than they should be because of long-closed AU accounts still reporting. Smiley Mad
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Re: AU's Reporting Yes/No

Bank of america reported my buddies 25k on all three of my reports. My score went from 644 to 743 in 3 weeks.


Its working Smiley Happy

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