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Amazon GE/Recon phone number?

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Amazon GE/Recon phone number?

I recently applied for an Amazon store card and was denied. I wanted to see if any one had a recon number for Amazon store credit, not the Visa card, other than the number listed below?

GE Moneybank (except WalMart):  866-419-4096

GE Moneybank: 866-519-6441 (Credit Analyst/Credit Solutions)


I have tried both numbers to no avail, as the neither states they deal with recon for Amazon card applications. I tried calling the Amazon credit card customer service phone number, and they told me that the decisions are automated and there is no live recon/new lending credit analyst to speak to. So I am not sure what to do? One thing to note, I did appy for a walmart card the day before and I was approved for the store card which is from GE, I am not sure if that made a difference in evaluating my criteria for an Amazon card. All three of my scores are in the 640-650's. I would greatly appreciate any help to do a recon for my situation.


Thank you! 

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Re: Amazon GE/Recon phone number?

Yea.. GE is very funky. Amazon normally has stringent lending standards. I think for GE it depends on who the vendor is as far as their standarads go. Walmart seems to be easiest card to get. Paypal seems to be in middle. Don't know about amazon though. I think you will have a number you can call for recon when you get the denial letter.

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