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American Express Cancelled My Green Card WIthout Notice

I know that this has been written about before on these forums but I was wondering what my rights are with regard to my cancelled account. 


A bit of context: I have been an AMEX card holder since 2007, always paid my bill on time and was an occasional user. My annual renewal fee was due at the beginning of July. Knowing that I had 90 days to pay the renewal fee I paid for the charges in full on my card for the most current statement but left the renewal fee for the next month. Without warning, my card was cancelled. I was emailed randomly and told my account had been cancelled. Not believing the email I called customer service and they indeed cancelled my account. They gave their usual reasons, credit score, etc. Fine, I'm over it. I didn't use my card all that much so it's not that big of a deal to me. 


Now, though, since I've paid all remaning charges, including the $95 renewal fee, I realized that I paid for a renewal fee on a card that has been cancelled. This is upsetting because I know that the renewal fee is pre-paid for the year. Do I have any rights to having this renewal fee refunded? Or is there something in the fine print that states I'm basically screwed. I'd appreciate any input on this. 


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Re: American Express Cancelled My Green Card WIthout Notice

I think you can get refund.  I know if you cancel mid year, you get partial refund of annual fee.  Don't know how this would be different.  Remember as long as Amex doesn't hate you, losing Amex isn't that big a deal.  Backdating takes the sting out of losing Amex as when you are ready for new Amex, it will be like it was opened when your first card was.

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Re: American Express Cancelled My Green Card WIthout Notice

If you dont mind sharing, what are your scores like ? What's happened to your credit recently where they would cancel ? 

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Re: American Express Cancelled My Green Card WIthout Notice

Well, my scores have recently taken a hit because of student loan repayment that I nearly became delinquent on until recently. They reported me to the credit bureau and my credit took a major hit, falling nearly 150 points. Other than that, I have credit card debt of about 5k that has plateaued and I am paying down, slowly but surely. Always on time with payments, balances are higher than they should be but I don't ever use them.
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Re: American Express Cancelled My Green Card WIthout Notice

If you feel more comfortable, you can ask for a refund but AMEX will send it back to you, prorated, without you having to ask.  Trust me, I know. . . :smileyvery-happy:

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