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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

Same here for my first one. The additional was EX only.


Hope you get approved.

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

Thanks everyone I was declined but waiting for the letter as theres a system error when I try to pull it up online, when I get the letter than I can address things, I do not mind waiting

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

When I applied for the PRG last November, they pulled all 3 for me. I was reading on another forum that if your history is less then one year old or you are a borderline approval, they will pull all 3. 

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

I can say the same, though I got an instant approval for the gold skymiles card they did go 3 for 3 on me via USAA monitoring service. I apped for Navy Fed NavCheck and was approved as well so hopefully I don't get punished for that. 10K initial line for Am Ex

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

I was denied with 1 pull to EX earlier this year.  When I was approved last month they pulled all 3 for me as well (FICOs in the 690-720 range).

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

Be glad they only pulled 3 for you guys, for my Delta Gold they pulled 4 (times). Long story.:smileyvery-happy:

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

At least you got in with AMEX. Could've been a different story with Cap One...

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

It seems it should be much more common for everyone to pull all three.  I assume most have found that the incremental cost isn't worth it (you catch X% of the bad cases from just one report or something).  But it still seems strange, a small gamble by the issuer that there isn't bad info (or just lots of inqs) on one of the unpulled reports.

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

Yes, perhaps it should be more common. But I also wonder if the negative point of view of the customer is taken into consideration. With our subset of the population a triple pull is frowned upon, so take that for what you will. The other aspect might have to do with credit bureau contracts where an issuer signs deals with certain bureaus to provide analytical services. It would be difficult and expensive to get the same service from a second or third bureau at the same time. I don't know all the details here, but this must be part of the equation.

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Re: American Express Delta pulled all 3?!

I was approved for my first Amex via triple pull. Since then, they are 100% exclusive to softing Experian and appoved my second acct with a hp on Exp.
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