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American Express Green Approval Odds

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Re: American Express Green Approval Odds

britthester wrote:
Yeah, i don't like the annual fee either. Do you think it would be wise, though, to wait a few more months before applying for Amex's credit cards?

Though some people are saying to apply now, to lock in your member date and subsequently get backdating on future AMEX cards, the credit-smart thing to do for a better chance of approval is wait a few more months to have a better shot at approval! I would say 6 months after pulling the trigger on the Freedom, if that's definitely what you're going to do soon! Otherwise, if you're not gonna go ahead with the Freedom anytime soon, maybe like another few months (3 minimum) of more positive history on your current CCs would be good for BCE!

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Re: American Express Green Approval Odds

Or app for both tonight and hope all goes well. If you get denied, try again in 6 months. Really no harm done. Inqs are pretty minor unless your in the middle of getting a mortgage.

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