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American Express cancelled my account

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Re: American Express cancelled my account

longtimelurker wrote:

Also, not sure about this at all.   Your payment for the month was the figure quoted, right.   But once they decide to close your card, isn't there language that all outstanding balances are due on demand (or something like that).   This isn't a billing error, more a consequence of them deciding to cancel.


But lets see.   But I certainly wouldn't rely on a girlfriend in law school: if you don't want to pay, talk to a consumer credit lawyer to see what the worst case consequences can be, such as a charge off on your credit record

+1   Yes, talk to either a consumer credit lawyer or at least visit a non-profit consumer credit counseling service to make sure you're doing the right thing.  Good luck.

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Re: American Express cancelled my account

I'm consulting a lawyer tomorrow morning.


I'm not looking to sue them or anything, and I have no problem paying off the last $600 within the next 30 days, but if they tell me they made a mistake and then try to penalize me and damage my credit, that's unacceptable as well. They even applied a late fee to an amount I didn't even owe and wasn't overdue on yet(assuming I DID owe $2,397 on the 23rd), which they apologized for and took back off.


If they think I'm too much of a risk(despite never having a problem with them in the last 3+ years) then whatever, I acknowledge they can legally cancel my account as per my cardmember agreement terms, and I have no disputes with that even though it is a bit ridiculous.


And no, there is no language that the outstanding balance is due on demand, the language states the balance is still due which is common sense, but provides no 'due immediately' or anything that can be construed to mean that.


Customer service didn't have a date when I'm due, initially said th 23rd then said "I'll give you a few more days since this wasn't your fault." Didn't specify a date and when I log in it says I currently don't owe anything. Seems like a shady/irresponsible business that doesn't really care about its consumers too much no matter how you try to spin it. Would make more sense to call and say "hey we've seen you've always paid on time, rarely carry a balance at all, and don't have much on your card, can you pay it off in x timeframe before we cancel your account due to our own risk calculations?" I mean is that really that difficult, considering I paid $450 for it every year?

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Re: American Express cancelled my account

As a follow up I talked to them again, told them what happened, told them I'd write the letter if there wasn't some reasonable deal to settle it, etc.

They came back and said if I paid $178(real odd number lol), my account would be paid in full(instead of the $622 they originally wanted), and no damage to my credit. So I paid them $178 and it was settled, again despite it being a bit illogical to close a current account, I really have no problem with how it came out, though I wouldn't ever use Amex again.


Oh, they also offered to let me 'pay over time' on the $178, because that makes complete sense when your account is cancelled. Thank you for trying to stick to the terms of agreement we had after you tried to demand $622 on a Saturday, due the following day. No thank you.

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Re: American Express cancelled my account

*** Old thread alert! ***

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Re: American Express cancelled my account

kevinjjc wrote:

*** Old thread alert! ***

Well, ibelucas noted that, but began discussing a current event, so don't think the alert is really needed.

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