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Amex Reward Points transfer

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Re: Amex Reward Points transfer

CreditScholar wrote:

Crashem wrote:

Probably not the best forum for this stuff.  I would try flyertalk, but they aren't as "friendly" there.  Your best bet is to read through some of the threads there for advice vs starting a blanket thread with generic question.  Lots of good info though.

+1. I'd give this forum a thorough read, but beware if you ask for help. They are not friendly towards newbies, and you might catch a bit of attitude from the less than savoury types.

They are mostly friendly IF you have done your prework, i.e. read the relevant threads before posting a question, show that you have put some effort in and people are very willing to help.  But yes, posting the original question as is there would get lots of negative replies!


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