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Amex Soft pulls my CRA monthly.... is this normal?

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Re: Amex Soft pulls my CRA monthly.... is this normal?

ukdebc wrote:

Just a quick question with all the Amex account reviews and cld and account closing going on.


As background this is my oldest account (22.5 years) AAoA 11.5 years,  CL 13k.  Never late. current bal 2k and going down.


I use CCT and see that Amex does a soft pull on my CR just about every month and has done so for the last year or so... has anyone else seen AMEX pulling a soft that frequently?


Boy, do I feel under the AR microscope........


I guess if they have been doing this for so long and there has been no CLD or AR on my account to date maybe I have met whatever their "criteria" for no action on the account.


I would be intested to know if anyone else sees this.





As others have posted, it's completely normal for AMEX to do softs.  AMEX does an Account Review pull of my Experian record every month, even though I've had an excellent payment history with them since 1982.


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