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Amex Zync

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Amex Zync

Just got amex zync, so happy i got approved. I think it is pretty easy to get one. Im only a 19 year old college student

My average age of accounts is 7 months

Oldest Tradeline is 1 year and 4 months

UTI is 32%

No lates or any baddies

Not sure which bureau they pulled but i have over 10+ on every bureau

Total Accounts is 10

Just got approved for the Macys store card for $600 the day before and a littmans jewelery account for $1000 right after the amex app

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Re: Amex Zync

What were your fico scores?


Congrats on all the approvals

01/11/2011: FICO:TU: 746
12/14/2010: FICO:EQ: 744
08/12/2011: FICO:EXP: 766
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Re: Amex Zync

to be honest im not exactly sure. All I know is that my Creditkarma score was 641

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Re: Amex Zync

Congrats on your approval. I'm 20 and I got accepted like 2 months ago as well. AMEX is really not my thing because the rewards on this card is not as great as my BankAmericard from BofA. Only reason I chose this card is because I wanted to get my foot in the door with AMEX. Otherwise I use it for dining and shopping at malls. But for everyday  usage I stick with BofA. Have fun with your card =], many people will look at the card weird because its still fairly new and they will make comments about the card.


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