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(Another) Discover More approval w/ call in


(Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Didn't want to thread-jack someone elses, so decided to post my scenario here -


App'd for Discover More last night at 3am my time, checked fako for TU (683 on CK) and EQ (660-724 range on EQ Scorecard)  and just went for it. I used the link from CK hoping they would pull TU if I linked from there, as I've read that somewhere in the blogosphere.... they pulled EQ.


I'll stick to the facts - 


Timeline of events -

  • 3am - Applied
  • Added in my balance transfer @ 0% for 18mo @ $4750 (Navy CC)
  •  Got 5-7 day message
  • Asked to register an online access account Smiley Indifferent
  • 3:10am - 4am - Obsessively checked the app status page to no avail... "App in process" 30day message, researched this forum for similar scenario and what happened next, everyone who is asked to register got subsequently approved.
  • Went to myFico and pulled my true EQ and TU scores
    • EQ: 655 FICO - 2 inq (one of them Discover from today one of them from Jan 2012 - Sears / Citi was also approved)
    • TU: 663 FICO - 6 inq (no Discover)
      • Credit profile - 43% usage, 1 UNPAID Fed. Tax Lien 3yrs old, 2x 30 day lates last one 1yr 10mo ago, AAoA 5yrs
      • Accounts - 2 open auto, 2 open Navy FCU cards, 1 open Navy FCU NavCheck LOC, open Hooters, Amex charge, some store cards, many many closed accounts all in good standing
  • Went to sleep assuming I would be 50/50 chance of approval
  • 11am - Called phone number listed on application page
  • Spoke to credit analyst, many many security questions
  • 10min later, was approved -
    • Never asked about anything derog, incl. the public record tax lien
    • Did not give me original offer of 0% BT / 0% purchases 6mo, instead 3.99% BT + 3% fee / 3.99% purchases 6mo
    • CL offered at $2000
    • Asked her to cancel my BT request, and reconsider the CL as i wanted $5k to retire some other cards
    • Was told "No can do" on CL request, 6mo for increases
    • Told me I would get my card no later than 1 week from today


And, that was my approval process. Big thing for me was that huge tax lien I have which I am still working on resolving as it's gone back and forth a few times with IRS ombudsman, me, and now a tax attorney. Nobody likes those, so I thought.


Next for me is to app for Amex PR Gold, Costco TrueEarnings on same inq, retire Zync card, and retire an Orchard card I've had for 6yrs simply for AAoA purposes. But since AMEX will backdate (as is with my Zync card), I should be good. If I get the Costco card and a decent limmit, may possibly retire Hooters / Merrick card which is $1500 limit and also 5yrs old.


My advice is that if you're borderline, just apply for Discover. 650+ seems to be a sure-shot, although nobody can guaranty I guess. 

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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Interesting. I have a 660 Exp score right now. 9 Tradelines in good standing a few baddies from 2007. Opened a few new accounts this year, Have a VW credit Loan with a 5,000 Balance on it. I have alot of Inq. I will probably apply next summer and let my accounts age. Congrats! this is  the next card I want. Did you get a pre approval on the site? I have yet to get one.

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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Thanks naked. I never could get the preapproval on the site, always just recommended the More card. I did get them in the mail a few times over the past year or two, but didn't app off of any of those direct mailers. 

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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

cardslayer wrote:


Next for me is to app for Amex PR Gold, Costco TrueEarnings on same inq, retire Zync card, and retire an Orchard card I've had for 6yrs simply for AAoA purposes.


Provided your Orchard card doesn't have a huge limit, you can get rid of it right away.  It will still report on Experian, Equifax and Transunion for the next 10 years -- you won't lose any AAoA.  If it has a huge credit limit that might hurt your total FICO® utilization, but otherwise, close out that Orchard card with no worries.  


And, congratulations on your new Discover card! 

Husband's Current Score: EX 691 CUSC; EQ 694; TU 687; Mine: EX 773 (AMEX); EQ 720; TU 750
Wallet Contents: SECURED: Capital One Platinum Mastercard, US Bank Harley Davidson Visa, USAA Bank American Express;
UNSECURED: Chase Freedom; USAA Cash Rewards World Mastercard, Discover More, CUSC Platinum Rewards Visa, American Express Zinc, American Express Blue Cash Preferred, Amazon Card, Walmart Discover Card
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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Thank you for posting your approval and profile cardslayer, like you I'm sitting with an unresolved tax lien which I haven't had the ability to just throw money at in a direct debit settlement (employment history is just too damned spotty these days) so I appreciate seeing that a Discover More is workable even with that outstanding.

Starting Score: EQ 5 561, TU 98 567, EX 2 599 (12/30/11)
Current Score: EQ 5 771, TU 4 741, EX 2 776, EQ 8 809, TU 8 774, EX 8 822 (1/1/18)
Goal Score:    EQ 5 771, TU 4 750, EX 2 776, EQ 8 809, TU 8 774, EX 8 822 (01/01/19)

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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

I also had a similar scenerio as you.


When I called the next day, after explaining some (2) of the baddies on my CR's.

I was approved for a Discover(r) More card with a  $2,000 CL. no annual fee.

I pay all my CC's in full every month.

Now I can drop the First Premier card which is outrageous with fees, and they

don't credit my payments for weeks, even after they cleared the bank.


I don't really use CC's very much, I just want the Available.


I have alot of inquiries on my CR ATM, so I will wait until next year for the AMEX,

and definatly just call the 1-800 numbers from now on, so I can explain any

questions they may have.


I also had a tax lien, set up a payment arrangement, after 6 months of ontime

payments, they listed it as satisfied, then I wrote a letter to them along with a form

I filled out and the lien was removed completely from my CR's.  And I still have about

2 years of payments left.


Got all the info for that process from these forums. My score didn't jump, but the

public record is no longer on my CR.


All my best


Starting Score: 3/17/12 648
Current Score: 6/22/12 680
Goal Score: 720

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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Great post!


If Discover pulls EQ, that'd be great for me since that's my cleanest (perfect recent history, 4 derogs including 1 PR which I may be able to get off)  My score is at 639 right now but could probably get it above 650 because util is high at the moment.


Might consider this card for the app spree I'm planning for later this year. I'm trying to apply for cards that pull different CRA's so I could spread the inquiries a bit.

Scores 5/15/2016 (clean reports!): TU Walmart FICO: 696 | EQ FICO: 679 | EX AMEX FICO: 680

In my new wallet: American Express Green EMV: PSL $2000 | BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa EMV: $2500 | Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard: $6400 | Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard: $1000 | Discover IT: $2500 | Amazon Rewards Visa Signature: $1500 | Chase Freedom: $1500 | Capital One QuicksilverOne MasterCard: $2100 | Target: $2800 | J.Crew $21,550 | Marvel (Captain America) MasterCard: $6000
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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Same thing here, apped Discover more from the site, build your own card, got the 7-10 day wait.  Figured I'd just wait for the letter in the mail.  Checked my voice mail on Wed, they had called twice wanting more info, called them back, asked a bunch of questions.  I have a couple baddies that haven't fallen off yet, judgements, explained my poor credit history, told them I was wishing to improve my history and lower my utilization.  Put on hold for about 5-10 minutes and given a CL of 1200@ 22%, I accepted and now happy Smiley Happy.

01/06/2015 Walmart TU 726
01/06/2015MyFico EQ 705
01/10/2014 USAA FAKO EX 728, EQ 728, TU 728
Discover It $1700, USAA Cash Rewards AMEX $11K, USAA Rewards Platinum MC $12K, CareCredit $13.2K, Chase Freedom $5000, Walmart $4500, Lowes $9800, QVC $1200, HSN $2350, Macys Red Star Store $2900, Paypal smart connect $4022, VS Angelcard $1200, Amazon Store $2500, BCE $4K, Sam's Club Discover $8500, Home Depot $7200, FNBO AMEX $7800
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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Congrats wreith!

Minor update to this post. The following day (6/21), I app'd for -


AMEX Platinum Mercedes Benz charge - INSTANT APPROVAL (NPSL) Smiley Tongue

  *it's $25 more per year than the regular Platinum for AF, but I have 1 lease MB and 1 purchased MB and the benefits (explained here) far far outweigh the costs for me. I was gonna go Gold PRG, but did the math, plus 50k MR point bonus, and went for it. I'll see how I like it this year, but have a feeling I'll be keeping it. Also, a little vain, but this has been my dream card for long, long time.


AMEX BCE (Blue Cash Everyday)  - INSTANT DENIAL Smiley Sad

   * oh well, will try again in a year or so


AMEX Delta Gold credit card - INSTANT APPROVAL (?? CL) Smiley Very Happy 

  * can't wait to get it and find out the CL! I'm sure I could call, but this is a forced lesson in patience for me Smiley LOL


Best thing about the (now 3) Amex's is that my backdate is 2005, so I pick up 7yrs age on each card. For this reason, I will keep the Zync as well and reconsider on renewal in about a year. Very excited to get the Plat, as I was just starting to plan our little summer outing with the kids. Already called and linked to SPG Gold status! 

Even better, all this and no inq's from Amex! 


So, 4 net-new cards this week,  +1 inq on EQ for Discover only. Very happy with that.


 Just so you guys know, since I am always curious myself on other people's criteria, my Amex experience is as follows -

  • Year 2000 -  Had an Optima card w/ $3k limit, they closed my card in 2002, for no particular reason. I was younger... always maxed out. Paid them in ful though, no lates or anything ever. Had a few authorized user cards since, latest in 2005 - 2011.
  • 4/29/2012 - Got Zync (that's right, < 2 months ago)
  • Ran through about $4500 since , made multiple online payments
  • When first got the card, max $1500 charge  would only seem to be approved (used "check spending ability" link). $2k was declined (told to call in lol)
  • After my first month checked my spending ability, $6k approved
  • Made my current payment (statement cut 6/17)  in full, $20 balance (for recent purchases) remaining
  • Checked my current spending ability again - I did 2 tries, $10k & 18k, and was OK with $18,000!! Then i stopped trying, but maybe go up to $20k?
  • Then app'd for those 3 cards! 

I'm sure I'm on the short list for Amex FR now! Smiley Tongue


But all jokes aside, I am very happy with this outcome, and have definitely gone down the rebuilding path myself a few years ago ( I have posts on the other credit board, several hundered from back then). i totally respect everyone on this board, and their efforts. I had seen amazing results by using this and the other board, very helpful advice and very respectful. So I always try to post as much info as I can, as I'm sure there are folks fighting some of the same battles as me. Not to gloat or anything, but I do feel as if i've finally "arrived". Except for that elusive BCE card!


Good luck to all of you on your building, and congrats to those who have gotten back on track! 

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Re: (Another) Discover More approval w/ call in

Why are you applying for a card at 3 am?




Sounds like drunk dialing but drunk credit card apping?

Starting Score: EQ FICO 777
Current Score: EQ FICO 803
Goal Score: EQ FICO 810

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