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Another cli from hooters...FYI

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Another cli from hooters...FYI

Didn't ask for it, just went to pay the bill & saw another $200.  They seem to be upping it $200 every six months.



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Re: Another cli from hooters...FYI

Congrats, Fish! Smiley Happy


While the credit market is still tight, it does seem as if there are a few air leaks here and there. I'm noticing a trickle of posters who have recieved unsolicited CLIs in the last month or so (myself in included from BoA).


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Re: Another cli from hooters...FYI

Congratulations Fish, I also got some love from Hooters with my new statement, they gave me an increase of $300 that brings my cl to $2100. They give me auto increases about every 4 mos I have never asked for an increase.
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