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Any 1 have a Discover MORE & a Discover IT card?

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Just curious if it's possible to have both cards at the same time. :smileysurprised:


I got a More card about 26 months ago or so. I was shocked to get a $6000 limit on it since I was rebuilding my credit, scores were in the 650 range. My scores are now in the 710 range.


I've since paid off quite a bit of debt. I used to get BT offers on my More card but haven't gotten 1 since last January. I did get an auto CLI though so I'm up to $7800 now.


I just paid off my More card about 2 weeks ago which had a $4500 balance on it.


I was hoping Discover would offer me a BT, as they used to offer me them all the time. But they haven't lately as I'd really love to transfer my debt from my other CC's.


I tried emailing Discover for a BT offer, and online chat, but they said no to me. :smileysad:


Then it occured to me. Since I had NP getting the More card with a much worse credit profile 2 years ago, what if I applied for an IT card and just do my BT's with that card instead?


So does anyone have both cards at the same time? Is that even possible?


Thanks guys. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Any 1 have a Discover MORE & a Discover IT card?

I have both cards.


More at 16,250 CL and IT card at 3,750.  They won't go over 20k combined for me without providing docs.

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Re: Any 1 have a Discover MORE & a Discover IT card?

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That was 1 helluva quick reply.


Thanks! :smileyhappy:


I'd also like to add that's 1 damn impressive CC collection you've got.


I think I'm just gonna apply for the IT card. I'm tired of waiting for Discover to offer me anymore BT's on my More card.

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