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Anybody have a Cap1 World MasterCard?

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Anybody have a Cap1 World MasterCard?

My dreams of having a Cap1 Visa sig via an exec PC were shattered when a very nice exec rep explained that she could not PC from MC to Visa.


So...  I was thinking maybe it would be neat to PC to a World Mastercard.  I saw some stuff on the web about the Cap1 Apire World Mastercard, and one said it was 2% rewards with an AF and 10k yearly bonus, but another had it at 1.5% with no AF.  Both articles linked to a .CA (Canadian) version of the Capital One site.


Does anyone here have the US version of these cards, or know what they are called?  Are they nifty, or worth the extra effort to acquire?

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Re: Anybody have a Cap1 World MasterCard?

Cap1 does not offer the Aspire Cash rewards line of CC's in the US, only CA/UK!....and u should be able to upgrade your MC, granted your CL >5K, to a world MC. But on the flip side, Cap1 re-structured their system where they tend to ONLY offer individuals a MC who have fair/average credit history and Visa/Visa Signature for individuals with good/excellent credit for certain CC's.

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Re: Anybody have a Cap1 World MasterCard?

I know CS800 has a Cap1 Cash rewards world MC.
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