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Re: Anyone else "Too Good" for Creditonebank?

Stay away from CreditOne.  be glad you have too high credit.  They are a sub-prime credit card company, why settle for something sub-prime?
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Re: Anyone else "Too Good" for Creditonebank?

may i have the backdoor number for credit one?


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Re: Anyone else "Too Good" for Creditonebank?

pazuzu wrote:

I'm only above 700 at Experian, while I'm just under 700 at Equifax, and below 650 at TransUnion.


So I'm still in recovery. 




Where are you buying your scores from?

I like HSBC/Macy's/GEMB cards for rebuilding.  They're all BK friendly.


If I'm remembering correctly, Bank of America, Citi, Chase... are not typically BK friendly - perhaps someone could post if they've received one post-BK.  I think OP is 2 years out.


Someone posted that Alliant would look at post-BK, if it were more than two years post-discharge, according to their CSR.

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