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App for Green Card now or best to wait?

I am interested in acquiring an AMEX green for personal use.


I currently have an AMEX Plum for my business which I use to the tune of about $10k monthly and always pay early.  I have had the card exactly 5 mos.  The card is backdated to 91 which is one of the reasons I am so keen on a personal green.  I have no personal AMEX cards and this is my only AMEX business.  The backdating is from an AU rlationship with a family member.


At the time I acquired the Plum my Experian Fico was 724 and I had very few inquiries or new credit.


I now have an EXP Fico around 700, 11 inquiries that date from about 5 mos ago, 4 or 5 new personal accounts.


My question is this.


How much weight does AMEX give to the manner I have handled my current Plum acoount in relation to other credit criteria?  Is 5 mos enough for the Plum card to really work in my favor?  Is there a 6 mos or 1 year minimum to have a current account "rated"?  Are all the recent new credit and inquiries a serious deal breaker?  AAoA only 4 years because of new accounts.


Getting a Personal green would give me a 20 year old TL on my personal report, which I could sure use.




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Re: App for Green Card now or best to wait?

oh if your charging 10k on a plum, you are in for probably any Amex you want... I would look at the premier Gold though (free for first year) bonus points if you spend so much in first few months and if you clear certain amounts throughout the year, then next year if you don't spend enough to justify the gold AF you can PC down to green.

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Re: App for Green Card now or best to wait?

And I thought this was an immigration question.........



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Re: App for Green Card now or best to wait?

Whatever personal card you decide to apply for, make sure it's eligible for a PC.  I have the Clear card and I'm stuck with it forever...  


Forever = at least 12 months before I apply for another AMEX :smileyhappy::smileyhappy:

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Re: App for Green Card now or best to wait?

I believe when I first applied for my AMEX Business Platinum I was rejected because I only had my personal platinum for 5 or 6 months (I was averaging 5-7K a month at the time. ) I was told they wont give me a second card until I had at least a year with them on my personal platinum. This was a while ago and I am not sure if it this "policy" has changed. I would call and ask them the policy on this before applying and having them do a hard pull only to be told your are declined because you have only been with them 5 months.

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Re: App for Green Card now or best to wait?

It seems they've been handing out a lot of cards lately... I say go for it sooner than later

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