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Applying at Citi with different address.

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Applying at Citi with different address.

I applied for the Citi ThankYou Preferred for the 30,000 points and received an instant decline. I waited one day to see if I'd get an email and didn't so I rang the status line. He asked if I wanted to add a mobile to the application and I did and he said he would transfer me to an account specialist to finalise it. She said she was an analyst and would look at the application. On a side note, this is the first time I've actually been able to speak with an analyst at Citi, so maybe they're changing how they do things? She said it was an instant decline because I used a different address than the two cards I already have with them, and when that happens they decline so they can make sure it's not fraud.


After a few minutes she came back with 8000 but asked her if she could do more or shift limits and she came back with 20500 after taking a few thousand from another card I have with them. I have four new accounts in three months and a lot of inquiries on Equifax, so it was a surprise that they approved and for such a decent limit. Citi is pretty good by my experiences.


I just wanted to let people know that Citi may instantly decline and not to get discouraged because of it.

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Re: Applying at Citi with different address.

Grats! Very nice starting CL.

For citi the easiest way to talk to an analyst from my experience is to call the regular CSR number first, and once a operator gets on the line, ask to be transferred to the credit management department.

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Re: Applying at Citi with different address.

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