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Approved Apple Barclay Card!!!

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Approved Apple Barclay Card!!!

Yay!!! I got approved for the Apple Barclay Card, Credit Limit 1,190.00 I have been working on my credit for a while and decided to take a jump and now im glad I did. I have a bankruptcy from 2008 and they approved me so FYI they are bankruptcy friendly 

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Re: Approved Apple Barclay Card!!!

Great! Nice going!Smiley Happy

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Re: Approved Apple Barclay Card!!!

I did the other day too and i got instantly approved for $1290 with a lot of baddies approaching the 2 year mark but perfect payments for a good while now. 29% utilization on one card. 612 TU score.


I called and they verified my job info and asked about past lates etc and asked how much the computer I wnated costs (2112.92 out the door) and the nice guy raised it to $2300. AWESOME. Cant wait til the card comes so I can go down to the Apple store and get the computer and start making money editing video again.... (old macbook pro from 2007 isnt exactly "cutting it" pun intended)

$1200 $1250 $4250 NPSL $5300 $1350 $3000

$6050 $5000 $10500 $2416 $6500 $3000
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