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Approved for BOA 99/500 while in Bankruptcy!!!

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Approved for BOA 99/500 while in Bankruptcy!!!

Hello All,


I have been reading alot on here and i have learned alot as well.


Here is my story....After years and years of abusing my credit i reached a point where i needed a clean slate.  In 2008 I filed chapter 13 Bankruptcy and it will be discharged in 09/2013...long story short since i have been banking with BOA for over a year i figured i had enough of a good track record with them and decided to apply for a credit card with them. I was of course denied due to my bankruptcy.


About 2 weeks later maybe even longer i recieved an app in the mail for the "99/500" partially secure Platinum Plus Visa..At first I ignored it thinking it was another secured which could afford to put 300 or even 500 dollars on but as i was tossing it in the trash i saw in bold letters $99 Security Deposit..I proceeded to read the whole application including the small print..I decided after reading that this was an excellent card that would help me re-establish and rebuild my credit so i said what the hey and applied and even but my account # for them to draft the security deposit..


After 2 more weeks or so of waiting for a response i gave up and said i must have been denied...and was curious to know why and to see if others had heard or got approved for this card so i googled and come across this site where i learned of "backdoor" numbers and located on for BOA secured cards.


Called and the rep said you have been denied and the she asked questions about items on my credit report and put me on hold for what seemed like forever and came back and said i was approved..I was like yeah right..and she said she put in the request to draft the security deposit.


The next day the deposit was taken out and the day after that the card was listed with the last four digits on my online account page...made me smile.


I have my second chance!!!!

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Re: Approved for BOA 99/500 while in Bankruptcy!!!

Congrats! Is the 99/500 on the site? Or is it just for people who were pre approved via mail?
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Re: Approved for BOA 99/500 while in Bankruptcy!!!

It is not online..i received it in the mail and it was offered it to me after i got declined for an unsecured card (cant remember which one)...based on what i have read most people got offered it after they were declined originally!!!!
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Re: Approved for BOA 99/500 while in Bankruptcy!!!

One of my friends got the same card with cash back reward, it was 99/500 also.


However, he calls them, and he was able to get it without the 99 deposit and 500CL.


He has BK in 2007 or 2008 I forgot. He has a checking account with BofA.

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Re: Approved for BOA 99/500 while in Bankruptcy!!!

i just didnt think it was possible to get approved for anything based on what i was reading on here and i thought i was gonna have to wait until 2014/2015 to apply for anything...all smiles
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