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Approved for Citi Diamond Preferred!

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Re: Approved for Citi Diamond Preferred!

LionLaw wrote:

Update: Citi pulled EQ.  Somehow, this caused my EQ FICO to go up 3 points (648->651).


I'm excited to see what my score bump will be next month; my util will go from $1700/3500 to $30/4000, and that's before my new Citi card even starts reporting.  Any guesses?

Really? Nice! What does your report look like? Any baddies?

Scores 5/15/2016 (clean reports!): TU Walmart FICO: 696 | EQ FICO: 679 | EX AMEX FICO: 680

In my new wallet: American Express Green EMV: PSL $2000 | BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa EMV: $2500 | Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard: $6400 | Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard: $1000 | Discover IT: $2500 | Amazon Rewards Visa Signature: $1500 | Chase Freedom: $1500 | Capital One QuicksilverOne MasterCard: $2100 | Target: $2800 | J.Crew $21,550 | Marvel (Captain America) MasterCard: $6000
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Re: Approved for Citi Diamond Preferred!

Only negative indicators are from late payments on SLs, but those have multiple 120+ lates, with the most recent reporting in Sept '11.  Two open CCs and two closed CCs reporting, all with perfect payment histories; average age of those is about 5 years (oldest is 11 years, youngest is 7 months).  Auto loan opened in April.  Overall AAoA is 5 years.

Starting Score: 617 (EQ 6/10/12)
Current Score (8/28/13): EQ: 691 EX: 706 TU: 700
Goal Score: 700

Discover it $4,500 (02/2001); Amex PRG (Backdated to 01/2006); Amex ZYNC (Backdated to 07/2006); Wells Fargo Cash Back Visa $5,500 (12/2011); Citi Diamond Preferred MC $2,000 (07/2012); B of A Cash Rewards Visa Signature $5,000 (02/2013)

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