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Authorized user to Individual Account

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Authorized user to Individual Account

Is there anyone here who was an authorized user before and got pre approved offers from the credit card companies on which they were an AU. The reason I am asking this I am an AU on AMEX, DISCOVER & CITI. I talked to AMEX rep and he mentioned AMEX do monitor credit for both primary owner and AU and may offer pre-approvals based on credit. 

Is this ever happened to anyone?

Starting Score: EQ: 499
Current Score: EX: 659, EQ: 622, TU: 659
CHASE Freedom Unlimited: 1K, CHASE Sapphire: 5K, Barclay Arrival+: 5K, CapOne: 3K,CapOne: $3K, AMEX BCE: 3.9K, AMEX BCE: 1K, WellsFargo: 300, Discover: 8.7K, DISCOVER IT: 2K, CITI Double Cash:2.8K, Southwest Premier: 2K, Express: 2.5K, Paypal: 3.6K, Amazon: 2.5K, Macys: 7.6K, Walmart: 1.5K, BestBuy: 1.5K, Lowes: 6K, HomeDepot: 3K, BOA Cash Rewards: 300
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Re: Authorized user to Individual Account

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