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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!


purseman wrote:



Are they giving you guys auto CLI? Also, how long have you had your cards?

It was an auto CLI. I've only had my card a little over 6 months


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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

I also got an auto CLI from $500 to $800. I have the no AF platinum card and have had it since last July.

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

OMG!!!!!!! I just checked mine and mine jumped from 300 to 500! not much but this is my first increase from HSBC and ive had this card for exactly a year :smileyhappy: 

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

No increase for me :smileysad:. I'm still at 500, and I've had my card for 8 months now. :smileysad:

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

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still at 1500 with crappy gold. i always wonder about those who have 3k+ rzmc cards, or those who received large increases with them. what is their credit profile like?

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

no increase either, had my card for exactly a year too, started at $500 and still at $500 I have the no AF gold card. never carried a balance and used the card once a month for gas and one time made a purchase for $350 at bestbuy and paid it in full that statement cut.

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

Just went from 300 to 700.  Had my card for 1 year.  My activity varied, from PIF to carrying a small balance.  My card is the Gold with no annual fee so I wanted to make them happy in some regard. 


I was going to close them this month too.  With no annual fee and this cli I really don't have a reason to close them now. 

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

Wow, me too. Auto CLI from $3000 to $3400.

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

I've had both the HSBC Plat Card and BBRZMC for about a year.  About 6 months ago, I got a measly $100 CLI on the Plat card to $400, and have gotten absolutely nothing on the BBRZMC with a $500 limit.  I've pumped about $2400 through the HSBC card PIF every month, and I've pumped about $4000 through the BBRZMC and PIF in every month.

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Re: BBRZMC Surprise!!!

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After 5 years to the day....with an initial CL of $500, and maxing the card and paying it off every month with no lates Best Buy Rewardzone MC just gave me a $200 CLI out of the blue,  Ive tried to get a CLI for YEARS, and now they give a small one with out asking ........ LMAO....I wonder if it will take another 5 years to get another 200 bucks LOL.



Was it the five years or did anyone else get one?

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