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BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

Thanks Fretless!  I was debating whether to apply for a second secured card and deposit a higher amount.  Though interestingly I am an AU for another card with a $14K limit (also always PIF >10% utilization.) 
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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

Hi StartingSlow,


I had a BoA fully secured card that unsecured and remained at the same 2k limit that I had while secured. As a matter of fact, it stayed that way until I got my credit scores into the mid-600s, and was able to do a product change to a new card. Then, things took off. My limit is now 7k.


I would suggest that you keep using the card, PIFing, and get your scores above 600, then request a product change. I think you'll see a world of difference in what BoA is willing to do for you.


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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

That's a great idea, LilMirth.  I was actually just on the phone with the folks at BofA to ask if there's anyway I can turn my CC back into a secured card to help build a stronger credit line.  I did not think about requesting a product change.  My EQ is currently 689 but with this credit environment, I suppose even nominal CLIs are hard to get.
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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

Just as a followup, I called the BofA CS number and just got a product change from Platinum Plus to the Worldpoints Rewards card.
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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

As I understand it, that's not a PC.  They just add the Worldpoints Program to your Platimun Plus card.  At least, that's what they did for me.

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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

Hi all,


I had the same problem of no CLI after it unsecured, so I finally spoke to a credit analyst today (after repeated denials from the online requests).  He stated that due to high utilization (overall) they couldn't approve a CLI.  He stated that BOA likes to see at least 60% available credit for total utilization.  Currently I'm at 35% overall availability.  Hope this helps.  BTW I'm still stuck at the $500 limit - my account was the emerging credit card until January 09 then changed to the World Points Visa.   

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Re: BOA $99/$500 Card Unsecured, but no CLI

I actually called BofA back after reading some posts on the forum.  The CSR told me that the Worldpoints card that I will be receiving is the same one as on the BofA website and I will not be charged an annual fee (like I am with the Platinum Plus card.)  The rep also mentioned that I will receive new features, such as rental car insurance. 


Here's the link if you want additional card features:


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