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BOA 99/500 partial secured

Good Evening everyone,
I have a few questions. sorry if I am asking a previous question.  And if so, please direct me to the right thread.
1. I have been approved for the BOA 99/500 partial secured card (it's on its way...check cashed).  Would someone share their experience with the card?  About how long does it take for it to graduate and what kind of cli can I expect once I graduate?
I know patience is virture, but I am trying to build my Chase Freedom card as well which I got last month.  The limit is 2k and I praying Chase eventually cli it to at least 3.5k in the next 6-12mos.
I also got a Hooters last month for 1.1k, which I am hoping comes with a cli.
I am having a home build which should be completed by August, I don't want to apply for anything else until then because I went on a appy'ing spree last month.  By the time I close my scores should be back up,especially since the tl will should all be posting by then right?
Ex 622 TU 654 Eq 628 after appying spree (I got a chase freedom as a result and Children's Place which is issued by Citi so Yes, it was worth it!)
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Re: BOA 99/500 partial secured

There are myriad and several threads about here for the BOA 99/500 card.
The search function up top is a wonderful tool and can bring up just about everything. Type in BOA 99/500 card and you will see just how many threads there are.

Be careful with Hooters card and your new mortgage/land contract. Search that too and you'll see about folks experiences with Hooters and mortgages.

From what I hear, Chase is wonderful if you treat them kindly and cautiously. I've got a card on the way from them too!
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Re: BOA 99/500 partial secured

Congrats on your new house and new TLs!
From my experience and that of others, it seems BoA unsecures most cards in the 9 - 12 month range.  (I was unsecured at 10 months.)
I opened a fully secured card with BoA last March.  It unsecured this past January and the limit was raised to $1K.  I called in for a CLI in April and the limit was raised to $10K.  Keep your BoA card squeaky clean and they will be generous.  Good luck!
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Re: BOA 99/500 partial secured

Super Congrats prettywise!!! :smileyhappy:
BofA's 99/500 is an absolutely phenomenal card.
Take good care of it and it will take great care of you.
lurknomore's testimonial about starting with a fully
secured card and graduating to an unsecured card
with a $10k credit limit is a great example of BofA taking
care of its customers who act responsibly. No doubt the
same thing will happen to you, and we look forward to
hearing about your future success. :smileyvery-happy:
Once again, congratulations on your cc approval!!! :smileyhappy:
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Re: BOA 99/500 partial secured

Thanks Lurk-
I am really grateful to the forum as many have said in the past.  I have been putting all the wisedom to use!! 
I am happy to hear that BOA will definitely grow with me.  I looking forward to a five digit TL.  Although I definitely appreciate the 4 digit ones too!:smileywink:
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Re: BOA 99/500 partial secured

Thanks, I will guard my new BOA and treat it very well.  I did do a balance transfer to my Chase Freedom from cap1 for $1400.  The limit is 2k, but its zero % interest until July and I already got my rewards from cap1 when I charged the work I needed on my car. I am still a newbie, but I have grown a lot over the last few weeks.  Again, THANKS TO EVERYONE HERE AT THE FORUM!!!

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