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BOA CLI Request

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Re: BOA CLI Request

Yep, My online button CLI resulted in a HP. At least It took me from 1500 where i've been for YEARS to 3000, making it my highest limit card. Hoping AMEX will match it with 3x 61 day thing.

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Re: BOA CLI Request


does all BOA CLI's result in HP?



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Re: BOA CLI Request

tennisfan78 wrote:


does all BOA CLI's result in HP?



99.87% give or take.


There's been a few occasional reports of SP CLI's; however, some of these have simply been inquiries lodged against another bureau as well.  It's best to assume that if you want a HP from BOFA that it will be a HP.


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Re: BOA CLI Request

Ron1 wrote:

Only BofA Accelerated Cash Rewards Amex has CLI option and the other two (Better Balance Rewards and 3-2-1 Cash Reards Visa Signature Card) don't have CLI option any more.  I don't really want any more CLI from them.




My cash rewards siggy and travel rewards both still have cli option. i just got an increase on both a few weeks ago.

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Re: BOA CLI Request

tennisfan78 wrote:


does all BOA CLI's result in HP?



I've never had a HP for BOA CLI...guess I'm just lucky.

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Re: BOA CLI Request

darkknight59 wrote:

Had been looking to request a CLI on my BOA card, and looked under "Information & Services" tab, but there was no CLI request function.

Just called in to ask why, and was told that these request now must be made via phone??? Does not pass the smell test as I'm fairly certain others here have recently refered to the "luv option"

Has anyone else experineced this?????

Good luck with whichever way you do it.

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