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Re: BOA World MC with WorldPoints - CL reporting?

"My Platinum Plus WorldPoints MC reports my credit line.  As long as it is not a Signature card, you have nothing to worry about."


Yes, I have one of these and it reports fine, too.


But I'm asking about the WORLD MC with WorldPoints, not the Platinum MC.

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Re: BOA World MC with WorldPoints - CL reporting?

It did report for Visa Signature, when I had it (2 years ago)

watchnerd wrote:

I'm considering converting my plain vanilla BOA Platinum MC to the BOA World MC with WorldPoints.


However, I seem to recall some doubt about whether this card reports it's credit line or not.  Some seemed to say, like a Visa Signature card, that it doesn't.


Can anyone who holds this card confirm one way or another?




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Re: BOA World MC with WorldPoints - CL reporting?

ours reports just fine.
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Re: BOA World MC with WorldPoints - CL reporting?

watchnerd wrote:

"Check your reports, whether from myFICO or elsewhere."




I can't do this, as I don't have the card (yet).


If you read the first posting, I'm thinking of doing a product change.


Thus, I'm hoping to get data from those who already have the card.

Sorry, got a bit cross-eyed there.
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