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BOA accolades?


BOA accolades?

Does anyone know if you have to have an account with b of a (ex: savings checking) to qualify for the bofa accolade card or can anyone just apply? 
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Re: BOA accolades?

I don't have any BOA accounts  and applied for a loan and they offered me a $10,000 line of credit. Highest CL ever but there is a 3% fee every time I use it.  That's why I don't use it. Pulled Ex 695 score

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Re: BOA accolades?

My Accolades card is my favorite card. The benefits are great, but best of all is the expedited, priority customer care you get.

You can just apply, but having a BofA account probably helps to get one. The application is fairly well hidden, but public:

It is one of the few applications that I've seen ask for your income, employer, citizenship, etc.

They pulled two different CRAs when I applied.
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