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Banana Republic approval

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Re: Banana Republic approval

Nice Congrats

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Re: Banana Republic approval

Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Banana Republic approval

Thats awesome! even if you were approved for only store card version like youngandcreditworthy said it will upgrade whch is what is great about these cards beacuse you can then use it any where else and not just that store. BUT you got the VISA INSTANLY whih is marvelous!! ENJOY and ask for cli every 5 to 6 months just beacuse they wont always give it to you every 4 month. 

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Re: Banana Republic approval

kimmiller112 wrote:

I caved in too last week.  I was in one of their outlet stores with a couple of shirts from the discount rack and the idea of an extra 15% off got me this time.  I like the idea of points to earn $10 reward cards and I shop here, at the Gap outlet and online both places plus online at Piperlime and Athleta, so I will use this card quite a bit.  I know it will grow with me.

Ironically the 15% discount they give you is very "meh" for opening the card.  The true value of the card is when they have all these 40% coupons that you can only use if you have a BR card.  Plus you can use the card at Old Navy, Gap, or Piperlime and you still get 5X rewards.


On my last shopping spree, I bought $800 worth of clothing for around $300 due to various promotions that stacked (40% off and $25 off after spending $100).  And it was only possible if you had a BR card.  Then from that $300 I got 5X points which means $15 worth of BR rewards.  It is a great card.

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Re: Banana Republic approval

SFernandez13461 wrote:
Thanks Smiley Happy

DONT WAIT 6 MONTHS.I got my credit increased every month on my ge cards.ask for dubble the limit at 1 st month.Use the card a little like 30-100$ Good luck to you and congrats

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Re: Banana Republic approval

Thanks everyone. I'll certainly try to get those CLIs. 

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Re: Banana Republic approval

Congrats! Now to the garden! 

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Re: Banana Republic approval

I really want to get a GERMB card---like BR Visa!  But I just App'd for the Clear from AmEx on 01/05.  


Is it too soon to apply for a GERMB?  Are they inquiry senstive?  I have about 12 inquiries from EX.  Smiley Sad


And three new accounts open in the past month (but only one reporting--Chase).  


Should I wait...or apply now? Smiley Happy

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Re: Banana Republic approval

They're not inquiry or UTI sensitive at all. However, those factors may affect your initial CL.
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Re: Banana Republic approval

You can get a cli every 2-3 months if you call GE Credit Solutions lol... Great card!! Ive been getting mailers for 4-5x points on EVERY purchase or like an extra 1000 points just for using it twice lol! The discounts are great!!! The apr sucks though! So be careful!

Sorry to ask.. But Fabulous... Did you get approved for the Amex Clear? This is one of the other Amexes I want!!! There isn't much approval info avail about the Clear I've noticed!!
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