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Bank of America 123 Cash Approved!

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Re: Bank of America 123 Cash Approved!

resilient wrote:

Thanks Ray! I'm getting up there with you now. I'm truly going to garden now. I wanted one signature card, have it. A house is next!


Credit Scores- October 2012

EQ- 684



PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa-$12k

US Bank Platinum Rewards Visa-$5k

Chase Freedom Visa-$5k

Chase Military Star MasterCard-$5k

TIC FCU Visa Gold-$5k

Chrysler MasterCard(FNBO)-$4.1k

Wyndham Rewards Platinum Visa-$2.5k

Service CU Platinum Visa-$10k

Bank of America Cash Rewards123-$10k

Sounds like a solid paln to me for sure. And, based on your signature, you have some nice cards and limits...


See you in the garden!


** Every Card has a Job, and Every Card does its Job **
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