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Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

So to give you all a brief background on this situation - I opened a secured card with BoA because obviously I wasn't eligible for a regular card. A year a half passes and the reps are still telling me I can't upgrade it or get an increase. I hold out a little bit and send the EO an email/phone call/snail mail... NOTHING back. I get so upset that I just cancel the card.


About 3 months pass and I'm still lit up about how much time and engegy I wasted with them. I spent about $2k on the card a month, making multiple payments. You would think they'd see that and reward me? No.... So anyway, I file a complaint with the BBB. The EO contacted me the next day. I give her my employment info, reiterated my request for it to be reopened, converted and raised to $5k. She just called me back 5 hours later and told me they were able to go ahead and do all of it! I am so beyond surprised it's not even funny... It's BoA! haha...



I think when you go the BBB route, the EO wants it handled better and quicker because they want to keep their rating.

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

Thank you!


I certainly recommend anyone in the same situtation to go the BBB route. BoA loves their rating!

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

Wow! Congrats!!!


I was wondering if I should try that to have them reconsider my applications.

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

I doubt that the BBB would consider that their refusal to approve an application for credit is a valid complaint. That is truly more of a business decision than a customer service activity. I have never filed a complaint with the BBB though so I guess you could be a guinea pig for it. If it works then forum members will be swamping them with complaints.

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

Congrats the jumps you had to make paid off 

Wooo Hooo

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

Congrats!!! well worth the effort!

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Re: Bank of America Executive Office - Success!!

Congrats on that.  It is a shame that we have to use the BBB to make companies do the right thing.  I do also agree that using the BBB can be a better path for all though as it makes the point more public and puts a direct connection with their actions.

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