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Barclay CLI's?

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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I received my first auto increase after 8 months. Went from $2000. - $3700. Is there a point when people usually see their second increase from them, like at the one year mark?
Cap 1 - $23,000 / Lowe’s - $17,000 / Barclay Rewards - $15,000 / Capital 1 - $15,000 / Walmart - $15,000
Cap 1 - $12,000 / PenFed - $10,000 / JC Penney - $10,000 / Discover IT - $6000 / Barclay Apple Rewards - $5400
Merrick - $2400 - Total - $130,800

EQ - 745 / TU - 738 / EX - 740
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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I received an Auto CLI recently on my Barclays NFL Visa. Frankly I was shocked because at the time of the original application last year, they had only approved me for something like a $1,500 CL which I got up to $4,500 through recon.


I actually went several months without using the card at all after cashing out the sign-up bonus. A couple of months ago, I transferred a $4,200 or so balance to the card during a 0% APR offer, carried it for a statement or two, and then paid it off in full, and on my next statement my CLI was increased to $6,000. Barclays is very much about seeing you actually using your current limits before giving out an increase.

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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I'm in same situation as OP. Got my Rewards MC in December 2012 and counting days till June 10 or so.

Since it's the only rewards card I have, I was using it like crazy, running everything I could through it. Limit is $1300 , but I run more then $5000 a month.

It's kinda inconvenient, because I make 2-4 payments a week to have available credit and keep utilization low.

I hope they see all this and will bump to $3000 after 6-th statement,fingers crossed.  

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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I got my barclay apple card one year ago(5-5-12). Two months ago I literlly had to beg on my Knees for a CLI with these people, after 20 mins on the phone I got a decent size CLI. Week later I get a letter saying I wasn't approved for the limit I wanted. The reason was....get this.... My bal was too high, really $140 on a $1200 bal, since then I've put my Hulu+ monthy bill on it and threw it in the sock drawer.
CSR.........11,900.......Delta Amex $11,200.........Marriott Rewards Premier $8000.......Discover IT $9700......Citi Preferred $8600.......Chase Freedom $10,800.....Barclay(apple) $11,600......BofA $1500.......Capital One $7400......FNO $7200........Barclay(Hawaiian airlines)$11,000......Citi Costco $15,000. June 1st 2013 0 credit cards and 575 fico. Today 114K in credit and 784 fico and ZERO INQUIRIES......ZERO.
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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I'm not pushing my luck with Barclays.  I've had my card for a year and no auto CLI.  I've opened 8 new accounts within the first 8 months so I use this card frequently and make 3 or 4 payments each month.  This is the card I let a balance post on to give me a utilization of anywhere between 2 and 9 % monthly.  I'm afraid to give that honor to another card because I am hoping this keeps me from getting a CLD, although I would think that they would have done that by now if they were going to.  I wont have any new accounts for a while because I am hoping to close on a mortgage towards the end of the year.  Once I do that, I will probably try asking for a CLI.

Barclays USAir World MC $8300 - DCU $7500 - USAA World MC $7000 - PayPal Extras MC (GE) $5500 - Chase Saphire Preferred $5000 - Discover It $6000 - Barclays Sallie May $2700 - Chase Freedom $1000 - Capital One $8500 (business) - store cards ranging from $500-$9500
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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I feel left out. They approved me for the Apple CC w/ 2,500 limit on it in July of 2012, I use the card from time to time always PIF and I have not received any sort of auto CLI. I feel left out :-( lol

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Re: Barclay CLI's?

Opened my Barclay rewards card in Sept. $500 limit. did not really use it for the first 3-4 months at all other than maybe $20 for gas here and there. Past 2-3 months I started using it for grocerys ($200 over other week) then paying it off in full. Went to the market over the weekend, logged in today to make a payments and boom $1250 CL. Kind of funny I got a CLI last month from one of my other cards, it was only $200 but I did notice my credit score went up about 20 points not sure if thats what triggered the increase.


First card with over a $1k CL, feels good to be getting back on track.

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Re: Barclay CLI's?

Congrats dzemboc!!
Barclay's is weird.
I've ran over$10k through my $7700 limit Travelocity card thru them, mostly pif with large payments(one was $3800, another $2000) and they won't cli my account. Oh well, looks like Amex will. ;-)
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Re: Barclay CLI's?

Congrats Dzmboc! I also got a nice bump on the 6 month mark (this morning - woot!) from 3k to 5.2k. They seem pretty generous, so keep it up and they will reward you.


I really think Barclay's is one of those banks that really LOVES loyalty, thus want you to have a smaller portfolio of open accounts. Just my weird feeling because I only have my WF Visa (sock drawer), Chase Freedom MC, AMEX Green NPSL, and Barclay's US Airways MC. That is also probably why they get so ancy when you go on an application spree... they want to break up with you before you break up with them... Smiley Tongue

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Re: Barclay CLI's?

I opened this account in December 2012 with a CL of 1800.  Just got my 6 month statement and an automatic CLI of 1300, taking me to 3100.  WooHOO

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