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Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

HSBC BBRZ did this to me the first time I made a large payment of 320.00

I waited ten days before the hold was release.

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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

I cannot Believe this!!! THis happened again to me!! I called them and they gave me the same crap about we have to hold it as your bank has the right to recall the payment. Oh COME ON! I see that it is cleared and my bank has taken it out of my account. Now unless something stupid and screwy happens How are they going to take that back, especially since my account is very healthly funded. So I called the barclay number and got a person that told me that I have to wait again. I told them I have had this card for over 2 years and last month and this month were the only times this has happened and I have paid much more in monthly payments over the 2 years I have had my card so why is this starting to happen now. They put me on hold and came back and just fed me the same garbage from before. So I told them I have to basically wait 2 weeks to use my card which is have the billing period? They said yes. I told them that me not using a card for that long is no way to treat a customer that uses the card on a daily basis. I said it makes me want to change to a card that I will be able to use daily and not use yours. He told me that these are random holds. I told him that was crap as I have be RANDOMLY chosen twice in a row. A little cop out I am sure. He told me that he will make a note on my account to not do the holds anymore which I think is a bunch of crap. I guess we will see as Now I am with out my daily card until they decide to release my available credit.


If anyone has other suggestions on how they corrected this or other ideas I am all ears as I am extremely frustrated.



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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

Ugh! That stinks Vollybal! You know what, I'd sock draw them or use their card for a cup of coffee each month.  That's complete garbage. I've never heard of such a thing and it's never happened to me in the 11 years I've had credit...what a load of crap.  I would have told them to take a hike and that this card is going to be sock drawered!



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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

Creditaddict wrote:

This happens a lot with HSBC, they say to make payments from your checking account bill pay because those payments can not be reversed like the electronic ones or something.... I was paying through HSBC website before and I got anywhere from 10-14 day holds!!!

if you get a nice supervisor, you might be able to get them to call your bank and verify the money is already been taken and release the hold... HSBC would only do this once for me.

This actually happened to me once with HSBC, which was my fault. I made a few payments (one to the wrong account) and that one came back (I immediately made another payment and accounted for the fee before it would even get back to them) and when the payments posted for future payments (about a month) there was always a 7 day hold on the funds. Otherwise, I think they're a load of crap for holding your funds and you have paid the balance in full consistently.


I do work at a Bank and I notice that we sometimes take extreme measures (hold times) when anything is suspected to protect the bank from loss, even if it appears a bit extreme. It is not always justified, but dealing with financial institutions do not always make sense to the consumer.....the business and profitability is always #1.  

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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

Use Bill Pay from your bank if you'll cut the hold down to nothing. 

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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

When did they eventually make your funds available to you?

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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

I have that issue with capitol one and HSBC. With HSBC if I make any payment over approximately $200 they hold it everytime. With capitol one, I normally only use about 50 bucks on each card, so I just pay the minimum amount due monthly. Whenever I have an off month and use more than that (say around $400)  I pay $350 before the statement cuts and they apply that 10 day hold everytime. I though it had something to do with breaking my normal payment habit (since I normally pay the minimum). Anyway im pretty sure its legal for them to do this, probably because its for their protection. Once I made multiple payments in a month to HSBC and they put a hold on the funds, when I called them to ask why she said "its to ensure their is no fraudulent activity on the account" someone is gonna steal my card and actually make payments for me. Its something that you have to adjust to, generally the only thing I care about is the balance being reported to the CB correctly, not the availible credit. 


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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

Really weird. I'm contantly making much larger payments to Barclay's and this has never happened. But, I do use my banks (CHASE) bill pay.

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Re: Barclay Credit card and Payments Holds

YES, this has happened very recently to my husband on both is Barclay "Juniper iTunes" card and Target VISA (recently closed), both with $500 limits, and I think it happened with his HSBC Discover, too, with a $750 limit.  In all cases he used something close to the credit limit, then paid the whole thing off, and they held the money, in one case saying it would be THREE WEEKS until the funds were available.


This seems to happen on a random basis, too.  We've paid huge payments to these cards plenty of times with no problem.  It happens to me with my Merrick Card, too.  Every month I charge about $1,400 to that (rent) and then pay it, and this month they held the payment.  I called them and they put in a request to release it, and they did release it.  I'm probably their only good customer (talking about the regular Merrick Card now - does anyone in the world but me still have one of those? Not the Merrick Hooters card.)


The other companies would never be so nice - I am sure of that.  Particularly Barclay... they never lift a finger to do any favor for a customer, not in my experience, anyway.

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I had know idea about this til I read this thread. I paid 600 on my Barclays card yesterday and sure enough I log into my account, the payment has posts.. but no change in available credit...i don't like this. i've only had them for a few months.

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