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Barclay..What a joke

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Re: Barclay..What a joke

OP you have another post about US Bank closing your account as well. Something is not adding up did you recently do an app spree or have a negative show up on your report?


Also Barclay's and US Bank aren't that bad Amex would probably give you an instant decline just for having a First Premier card.

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Re: Barclay..What a joke

Yeah I am not sure of what to make on US Bank closure.  I had about 20+ inquires on my transunion when they apporved me  for cash rewards.  They just had me call fraud alert, and I explain to them most were from student loans. 

TU 715 No apps to 05/13 cash+ 5/13!!! 738 TU CSP April 13!!!CSP approved May 13!!!

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