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Barclay is nice :)

I called to see what their typical protocol is for balance transfers and to inquire about when would be a good time to request a CLI if I desired to do so.  He actually asked to pull my credit report (credit analyst, not CSR) and I asked him if it would be a soft..he ensured me it was since it was almost like he would be reviewing my account rather than an increase. 


He said I had great payment history with them, and with my other creditors but he would suggest waiting for the 6-8 month mark to request from them.  He was very informative about the BT as well, explained it to me, costs, time frame etc.  I passed at the moment lol but I was shocked at the courteous and friendly service they offered!


So far Barclay and BOA are my favorites! :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Barclay is nice :)


going from capitol one to barclay i felt the same way, they actaully make a point of insuring you feel like a human.

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Re: Barclay is nice :)

Barclay's sent me a thank you card today for being a customer

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Re: Barclay is nice :)

Thanks for sharing. Really good to know.

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Re: Barclay is nice :)

I just got approved for a card a few days ago and I was extremely impressed with the customer service from a credit analyst also. They are so nice. I am so use to getting incompetent reps from Cap 1, Walmart and HSBC. I also like the reps from Chase too.

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Re: Barclay is nice :)

I spoke with a CA yesterday and was also impressed.  I know there have been some horror stories, but the guy I spoke with was very friendly, complimented my history with them so far and overall was a pleasant conversation.

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Re: Barclay is nice :)

I have the Barclay's NFL card, I've actually liked the card and the service.

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Re: Barclay is nice :)

suckaaa wrote:

I spoke with a CA yesterday and was also impressed.  I know there have been some horror stories, but the guy I spoke with was very friendly, complimented my history with them so far and overall was a pleasant conversation.

They always compliment my history too, I think it's part of their "script."  I agree with what others have said, I def see a change in their tone from even last year.  Now if they would loosen up on the AA....   yeah, wishful thinking.


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Re: Barclay is nice :)

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Well, my 6 months mark with them is coming up...  we'll see how nice they are! :smileytongue:  But yeah, they've been very accomodating right from the beginning.  I asked for a CLI right away after I received the card (did it online) and got a phone call from one of their reps within minutes.  He also  complimented me on my excellent credit history (probably reading from a script like everyone said here lol) and told me to give it a few more months.


So 6 months is coming up, I'm just gonna ask for 10k (2 x current CL) since I'm going to do some traveling pretty soon. 


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