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Barclay's Apple Financing Offer Rain Check?

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Barclay's Apple Financing Offer Rain Check?

Was recently approved for a Barclay's Apple Visa. They have a 6 or 12 mont 0% financing offer based on purchase amount. This has to be done in the first 30 days after being approved and covers the one transaction.  It looks like Apple _might_ be updating their iPad and iMacs soon. I rather wait to get the newest version. Granted I can wait and pay interest but I'd like to save money if possible.  I believe this offer comes around once in awhile. Has anyone asked them to extend this offer to them if they didn't use it during the first 30 days of having the account?

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Re: Barclay's Apple Financing Offer Rain Check?

Usually you can call Barclay's BEFORE you're going to make an Apple purchase, and they will extend you a 0% financing offer. The length of time depends on the amount of the purchase. I can't say they'll do this forever. But they have told me more than once that they do this. You just need to call and ask them to do it.


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