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Barclay's NFL Card?

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Barclay's NFL Card?

Anyone have this card? I have been considering apping for it in December-ish but I wanted to get some feedback about it first. (What kind of scores/history got you in, what kind of starting limit?)

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Re: Barclay's NFL Card?

yes  I have NFL card. since November......I like it a free jersey ( 10000 pts on  1st purchase....)


I have a BK 7 from June 2005.....score in siggy ....they were at 680 on TU when apped....reconed ...approved for 2500CL   called in day after got bumped to 3000.00


Just did a BT  to 0% till December  2013

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Re: Barclay's NFL Card?

Instant approval back in July. My score at the time was 730ish. Had 8 or 9 inq, no baddies. My limit is in my sig...

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