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Barclay's recon second HP?

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Barclay's recon second HP?

I applied online for a Barclay's Apple financing visa card & was denied. I got the denial letter in the mail & decided to give them a call for a recon. It was a quick call & after giving them my employment info & a reason for a 30 day late almost two years ago, I was approved for $1200.


What I didn't expect was a second HP a week after the first one. Is this normal?


I'm done with CCs now. Working on a first mortage. I'm hoping this won't hurt me too bad. All 3 of my scores are in the low to mid 700's (lender pull). I think 720 was my middle score.

VS- $500, BarclayCard - $1200, Lowes - $5000, Old Navy - $1400, CapOne - $200, Chase Freedom - $1200
Started My credit rebuilding 11/2012 (stating scores in the low/ mid-500s)
Current scores - EQ 690. TU 724, EQ 719
Closed on my first home 7/25/2013!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MyFico!
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Re: Barclay's recon second HP?

       I think when you are approved for a new credit card they almost always hard pull you. At least in my experience this is true. What varies is the first hard pull in your case. With some other credit card companies that first credit pull would have been a soft inquiry however when companies actually approve you there is almost always a hard pull. Congrats. Barclays is know as being responsive to recons..

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Re: Barclay's recon second HP?

Its hit and miss with barclays. Usually its only 1 HP if you recon immediately after denial but if you wait to recon they may want to HP again for any changes in file.

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Re: Barclay's recon second HP?

I had a app that was as always denied from Barlays usairways last week

When I call them 10 min after the denial they pull the credit again without me saying yes or even knowing about it

At least Citi always ask me before if its goanna be a HP so certain lenders or should I say certain Csr would do that

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Re: Barclay's recon second HP?

They probably initiated a 2nd HP because of the time span between your app and the arrival of the denial letter (maybe 7-10 days?). They wanted to make sure that new baddies hadn't popped up on your CR before they approved you for the card. Just my opinion though!! Congrats on the approval.
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Re: Barclay's recon second HP?

I got a second HP when I was trying to recon the US Air approved card for a larger limit. 

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