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Barclays CLI recon ...success

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Re: Barclays CLI recon ...success

kimmiller112 wrote:

amercnchopz34 wrote:

Hey guys


Just called in for recon on CLI ...I know its a hard pull put wanted to take advantage of 0%  offer till 2013 December..........requested double my CL  which was 3000


came back with total CL of 5000......Success...... 2000 cli ,......ill take it.....

 How long have you had the Barclays card?

since november 2011.... Just called the Backdoor number talked to rep...explained that i wanted he increase to do a BT 0% ....put me onhold and said congrats....good luck to u guys

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Re: Barclays CLI recon ...success

ChrisW wrote:

Congrats.  I have yet to get any love from Barclays on my Juniper Card.  I've had it over 3 years now and have yet to see a CLI. 

but you have recieved my  holy grail card....ANYTHING AMEX.....i strive for that card

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Re: Barclays CLI recon ...success

Congrats!!!!Smiley Happy

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