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Re: Barclays Denial


BK in 2008, after making very stupid financial decisions.

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Re: Barclays Denial


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Re: Barclays Denial



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Re: Barclays Denial

thekione wrote:

I have a feeling that this will be a very good beginning to a relationship with Barclays!  I just gave them a call, it took about 5 minutes, and I was approved!  He asked about whether or not I carry balances, verified employment, and asked about school.  I was honest about everything, and he gave me a $1000 limit, my highest yet!


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Re: Barclays Denial


Starting Score: After BK d/c of 7/7/10: EQ Fico 629; TU Fico 579; EX Quizzle 610
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Re: Barclays Denial

Wondering how old you are....Im 26 and seem to be getting denied tons of things

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Re: Barclays Denial

Congrats on getting in with Barclays

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Re: Barclays Denial

Just to add a bit in case it might help anyone in the future, I applied to Barclays on 8/10 and was denied.


I received the denial letter today and it noted three reasons:


1) Low available credit on existing credit card(s) -  I had only USAA Visa w/ $3K limit as of that day

2) Insufficient credit history - My auto loan was opened 10/11 and USAA Visa opened 2/12. I closed the rebuilder cards I had before that.

3) High number of recent inquiries - Yes, they were part of my app spree between 8/7 and 8/12


TU FICO was 688 on 8/10 as reported in my denial letter.


BK in 2005, Perfect record since, though a very thin file.



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Re: Barclays Denial





I LOVE Barclay's; got a $6.5k Travelocity Amex - 0% for 15 months for BTs on recon!

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Re: Barclays Denial

[ Edited ]

They have a 20k bonus points ($200 statement credit) after your first purchase if you use the correct link to apply:


Plus 15 mos 0% balance transfer (4% fee, ouch), and 1% cash back on all purchases (good for NFL Gear and statement credits). It is a Visa Signature (or World Mastercard) card (if you qualify). Not a bad bonus...if you apllied and got the 10k ($100) bonus, you should call back and give them this link, and try to get the 20k.


I don't have the card, but thought about it, just for the cash can't apply for everything youe see, LOL

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