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Barclays Priceline Questions?????????????

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Im looking for a decent rewards card from barclays probably priceline


1. Does it report a limit to credit bureau 

2. Whats is their Balance transfer APR???



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Re: Barclays Priceline - Need Help

I have the priceline card. Yes it does report a limit and their BT is O% interest for 9 months when I signed up 3 months ago. I took the no AF card.
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Re: Barclays Priceline - Need Help

Yes, it reports to all 3 bureaus, balance wise.

It has the 0% APR for 9 months at first, and then I have received quite a few offers for 4.9% apr on BTs.

Citi Simplicity - $7400, 0% APR until April 2013, 13.99 afterwards
Chase Freedom - $5000, 11.99% APR
Barclays Priceline - $8500, 16.24% APR (This needs fixed!)
Discover More - $7500, 0% APR until March 2014
HSBC 'Platinum' - $1600, 19.99% APR (Only around for the age)
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Re: Barclays Priceline - Need Help

wonder if you think i have a chance to get approved for barclays.

my fico score for transunion is 708

walmart fico free score is 710

one baddie 2005

13 inqs

walmart $1000.00 - 5 months old

fire stone $1400.00 -10 months old

capital one $1000.00- 1 year old

capitalone#2 $750.00 -8 months old

capitalone#3 $750.00 6 months old

primer $1000.00 1 year 4 months

orchard 1 $600.00 1 year 4 months old

macys,jcpenney,dillards,oldnavy,aeo,$500.00 each 3 to 5 months

$13000.00 loan paid off 10 years ago

2 more bank loans paid off all in good standing 2005

never had a late payment

only that one baddie

ok do you think i have a chance any input would be great


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Re: Barclays Priceline - Need Help

Let's see if my brain cells can recap.


You have 12 accounts.

Nine of them are less than a year old (and 7 of those are six months old or newer).

The other three accounts are less than a year and a half old.

And you have 13 inquiries - how many inquiries in the past year?  in the past six months?


Barclay's Priceline is noted for being one of their easier Barclay's approvals; and often with decent CL's.

Some folks report that Barclay's is sensitive to new accounts and/or inquiries. 

Hopefully folks with Priceline experience and lots of new accounts will chime in and help you make a decision.


My kneejerk on this is to wait until you have more age on your many new accounts - maybe six months or so.....

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Re: Barclays Priceline - Need Help

yea,I think ill take your advice and wait it out for 6 months or so,that way the one baddie i have will have fell off,in march 2012,better chance of getting it then maybe with a better cl to,thanks for your input

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Re: Barclays Priceline - Need Help

beamMeup:  Good advice.  I know once we start apping and getting approved we get itchy and want all the prime cards.  Since my Zync and Discover approval I'm going to garden for like 2 to 3 years (with the exception of the mortgage that I'll soon be applying for next year).  I'd just like to get one high limit credit card and I don't foresee needing any other cards ever.   I'm going to baby my cards tremendously.  These cards have been a long time coming.

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