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Barclays closing accounts

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Barclays closing accounts

Another question for the day....I had just paid off my barclays balance of 300 ( cl of 500) I went and requested a cli on the website.

I was reading around these forums about barclays and cli and im a little concerned now. I have 11 recent inquiries since I opened the barclays card. ( was on a app spree to see what I could get to try and rebuild credit after BK in 2010)  Is this request for a cli going to result in a account closure becuase of all the inquiries?


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Re: Barclays closing accounts

Forgot to mention Barclays has been open since November 2012.

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Re: Barclays closing accounts

I've read elsewhere on these forums someone mentioned having like a half dozen inquiries within 6 months of opening an account with barclays and the account was not closed. I suspect it may be a YMMV sort of thing. Having said that, it's my understanding that they are inquiry sensitive, so I honestly cannot say what approach they will take with you. Also, they are really good about auto cli's so why not wait until you clear 6 months and see if they bump you ???

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Re: Barclays closing accounts

Interesting.  I, too, opened Barclays in November 2012 but only added one INQ in December.  Time will tell.

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Because the chicks dig it when I throw down the card to the waiter comes in handy if I'm short on cash until payday and need a short spot. AMEX gets the booty, and that's important when you're a Pirate.

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Re: Barclays closing accounts

I should have but thought it was worth a shot until I read all the bad reviews about them closing accounts etc.


Right after I did it, I sent a message from my account asking them not to process the request but im sure its already been done. The message I recieved when I requested the increase was that I would recieve a letter in 10 days....


We shall see I guess. I'm really hoping it doesnt because ive been reading how good their auto cli's are....shouldve waited I suppose.

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Re: Barclays closing accounts

fingers crossed for you.

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Barclays closing accounts

I have personally opened over 12 new accounts since acquiring Barclay's including a second account from them. If you use their product regularly and pif or 4-5 times minimum they seldom have issues. This was from an underwriter. As always YMMV, but I wouldn't worry!

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Re: Barclays closing accounts

A few ago I started a "poll" here to see who had experienced the dreaded barclays AA after adding other accounts.  At least 95% of the responses indicated no AA from Barclays.  I suspect this is like an Amex FR, really rather rare, but impacted people report it so it appears more common than it is.

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