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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

System must have gone down this afternoon. I used my Barclays US Air to make an online purchase at about 11:00. It went through with no problem.

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

Makes sense, I logged into my account this morning and it read that my available credit was 0 but had a line for $2,200.


I thought my account got closed due to inquiries or something.


Looks like it's fixed now though

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

Oddly enough, Amex's business application site is broken, too.

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

jumpinjax wrote:

flowfaster wrote:

masscredit wrote:

I was just coming on to report this.  I found out while I was at Target. Bought a bunch of food, took out my Red Card and was told that their system is down today so they can't accept the Red Card. I wasn't happy because I plan my monthly purchases on certain cards but I went with it and took at the Barclay's. That was declined. Called and found their system is down.  I had to use another card.  I though the credit card industry was crashing today! 

Wow that is crazy.  Two declined cards in a row.  It just goes to show you why we need 5-6 visa's, 2 MC's, 1 Discover and 3 amex cards in your wallet at all times.  :smileytongue:

lol, or maybe cash :smileysurprised:

Hmmm cash........Nah.

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

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CSR told me it was a system update that took longer then expected when I finally got through to them.


I logged on to pay my Vikings NFL card and saw Zero balance Zero Available credit. My first though was **bleep** followed by a second thought "did they close my account because I added another chase card in Dec" that was quickly followed by a third thought of "hmm zero balance does this mean they closed my account and I dont need to pay that 1500.00 charge from friday, hell yes close my account." followed by my fourth and final thought "this doesnt seem right let me call them" So I called the 888 number on the top of the site and got a busy signal and was disconnected tried again busy signal and disconnect again. Looked up the backdoor numbers on this site all busy signals. By now I have no idea **bleep** is going on because Barclays is to damn big not to have their own telco switchboard and you should never get busy signals. Gave it one last shot and managed to get through. After about  a 10 minute wait on hold I got some CSR who was nice and cheerful but I could not understand a word they said due to the fact they spoke very fast with out taking a breath and had a very noticeable accent. So I said hi my name is #### I have no clue what you just said could you repeat that a little slower this time please. This time I was able to understand that she was telling me thanks for calling I can not help you with your problem at this time. I said well shouldn't I tell you what my problem is first before you decide you can not help me with it. She then explained about the system being updated and it would be back in 3 hours and they could not access any data on any accounts until then and all account would report zero balance zero available credit due to the system being offline. I told her that was exactlywhat I needed to know problem solved.


System crash/malfunction seems more plausible then what I was told. Who takes their system offline during a weekday. 

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

They were down for a little over 2 hours.  I logged into my Ameriprise account to see if the $8 payment I made yesterday had posted.  It showed $20K credit limit but 0 available.  I tried to check on the other 2 Barclay cards I have and couldn't even log in.  By around 4 Eastern time it was fixed,  They aren't the only ones to have problems, State Farm was still down a few minutes ago when I checked.

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

Thankfully it's back up and running now.

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

Good example why you need cash in your wallet no more plastic

sambam94 wrote:

good examople of why you need cards from different banks....NFL card is showing 0 credit, but Barclaycard LL bean is showing correct CL


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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

daylove wrote:

Good example why you need cash in your wallet no more plastic

 I pay on my cards at the beginning of the month then use certain ones for expenses.  I know what cards I'm going to use for what.  Using a different card when Target's system was down put a little kink in my plans but not bad. 

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Re: Barclays system is down, due to malfunction

You think that's bad!  I applied for another NFCU Visa card again today.  I thought oh shoot, I've made them mad!  I had just used my NFCU cashRewards card for a visit with my Nurse Practitioner... went over to Walgreen's pharmacy and the card was declined... (hence I figured I made them mad!).  I was like okay... I'll call in a bit.  I pull out my Travelocity American Express and iTunes Visa - both declined -- I was dying of embarassment... long line.  Thanksfully my debit card went through.


NFCU had credit card processing issues today too; though I just used it for gas and it went through.  Haven't tried my Barclay cards yet.



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