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Best Airlines CC....??

Looking to take a family trip to Australia later this summer - I'm interested in capitalizing on the purchases to work for me.  I'd like to get one with a generous CL so that I'm not over my usage/available credit percentage.  I'd go with Southwest as I use them most often, but they don't fly overseas - so they are out.  I'm up for any suggestions, still not sure if the best route is for 'points' or for 'cash back' - I'm tending towards 'cash back' as we don't fly overseas too often, but could begin to in the coming years?  




Do I go with a non-airlines card altogether?  


Thank you in advance...



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Re: Best Airlines CC....??

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If having no foreign transaction fees is important to you, and not having an airline specific card matters, too...Cap One.


I may be wrong ( I frequently am), but I usually give pretty good guesses!


Have fun down under.  I'd love to visit there, hope I get the chance to do that someday.





P.S.  I like Southwest, too, for US travel.

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Re: Best Airlines CC....??

At this point, BA may be the one to look for coz of many reasons:

  • 100,000 bonus miles (which I think can be used on qantas flights as qantas and BA are partners)
  • No FTF (foreign transaction fee)
  • Good CLs
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Re: Best Airlines CC....??


vish1 wrote:

At this point, BA may be the one to look for coz of many reasons:

  • 100,000 bonus miles (which I think can be used on qantas flights as qantas and BA are partners)
  • No FTF (foreign transaction fee)
  • Good CLs

The British Airways/Chase offer is the best out there right now... HOWEVER... BA imposes hefty fuel surcharges which must be paid if redeeming points.  I'd do more research on that FF program to make sure it will work for you and not cost you a lot of $$.  American Airlines AAdvantage/Citi still has the 75k bonus miles promo and they have airline partners that fly to Australia.  I think United/Chase has a 50k promo lurking around still.  It's best to check the redemption policies of all of these programs as they all work differently.  The FTF should be considered if you're planning on using the card a lot overseas but shouldn't be a deal breaker if you're getting a great sign-up bonus.  There are a number of traveller websites out there that can give you a LOT of info.


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