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Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

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Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

Who does BB pull? What are the requirements for the card?

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Re: Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

Here in Florida, they pulled Equifax for me. Requirements are very low.....I think you just need a pulse. Be prepared for a $100 limit card if you have crappy scores/reports, but if you're on the up and up, I've heard of limits upwards of $1,000.

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Re: Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

I'm in CA and they pulled EX for me. I applied last year and was denied. At the time of application I had no open accounts and a paid collection.

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Re: Best Buy Rewards Mastercard


Use the pre-selector and see which tier you qualify for. If the "gold" card comes up, then expect a $100 CL approval. If the "platinum" card shows up, then expect at least a $500 CL.

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Re: Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

they pull EQ ny.

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Re: Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

EX here in CA and KY. use the preselector, for the person that was declined last year... I think they have changed criteria and it pretty much is if you don't currently have a defaulted HSBC your in... and I don't mean like you burned HSBC in the past.... you can still get in, I mean only if you are currently late on an account that is open.

My friend with a 493 and 90k of charged off debt was granted a $300 limit

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card likRe: Best Buy Rewards Mastercard

do yourself a favor and avoid this card if at all possible. the limit is dead on arrival. no cli's ever.

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