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Best Secured Credit Card

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Re: Best Secured Credit Card

TwinGirls19 wrote:
Gotta be hands down Boa. Put down deposit, use the card responsibly, after 12 months they will unsecure your card, give you back your deposit and a decent cli. Need I say more. Ps boa is picky its not for sure they will approve you for they're secure card just letting you know.

I will say that the chances of BofA approval for the OP is less than 5%. It will just be a wasted inquiry (or may be even 3)

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Re: Best Secured Credit Card

I got a Cap1 secured in 8/2011, and it's done a nice job getting me two toy limit unsecured cards since (one Orchard, one Cap1). But hey, you've got to start somewhere. Last month I opened a USAA secured MC and closed the Cap1. I like that both allow you to increase the credit limits, but the Cap1 increases take forever to show up. USAA's are near instantaneous. Both report to all 3 bureaus.
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Re: Best Secured Credit Card

I got a secured WF and Citi card and they unsecured 18 months later even though I had a paid PR and a couple CAs still on my report. Last year I converted my Citi to a World MC. No HP.

I have reestablished credit over the last couple years
so my moniker is, well, rather out of date.

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