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Best Signup Bonus for Statement Credit/Cash Back/Gift Card

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Re: Best Signup Bonus for Statement Credit/Cash Back/Gift Card

I like the Alliant suggestion. While you're not guaranteed to get the $500 bonus offer right away, at the very least you get a savings account with a competitive rate (currently 1%), an interest-bearing checking account with no fees and with free checks, and a great online system with the ability to instantly transfer between checking and savings and an outstanding ACH system which provides free next-day transfers to and from a large number of external accounts.

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Re: Best Signup Bonus for Statement Credit/Cash Back/Gift Card

myjourney wrote:


celticmoose wrote:



My wife and I have each had our own mileage card (Me Venture One, Her Alaska) for years, but recently I've decided to step up my credit card game.  


We in no way want to be churners, but while I am applying for new cash back cards, I wanted to get one card simply to use the bonus and then close or product change it later.


We don't travel right now and won't any time soon with two kids under two.  


So my question, which card has the best signup bonus that can be used for a statement credit, or gift card, etc?  I know the points aren't as valuable this way, but the way I see it free money is free money in a time where money is in short supply.


The Sapphire has the 50k + 5k deal going on right now, and I've read it can be used for a 1:1 statement credit.  Is that true?  Are there any better offers out there?




FYI the plan is to get the Discover it, Chase Freedom, Citi Cash Back, and maybe the Citi Costco Card.

Welcome to the forum and stepping up your game ...Lol

CSP value would be about $500

PRG 50k for 1k spend value $500

Venture 40k for 3k spend $400


Others that may interest you 


Recently got pre-approval on simple Amex BCE to replace my TE Costco. Came with the $250 cash back after $1000 spend and 10% cell bill for rest of year. This is my 2nd statement tally....  Chewy is dog food who were already using anyway. With wifes card added, its an easy $50 off expensive prescription brand for our elderly dog.


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Re: Best Signup Bonus for Statement Credit/Cash Back/Gift Card

celticmoose wrote:



Now if they only had some sort of daycare specific credit card, 5%...

3% and only for the next 7 weeks or so:

Starting Score: 768/769/767 7/1/15 (But really started at 687/708/668 3/10/15)
Score 3/19/16:
756/765/766 (High score: 789/797/797 11/7/15)
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