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Best card to apply for?

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Best card to apply for?

I have had my CreditOne card since march '08 with a CL of $350. When I opened it my fico was much worse than it is now, was around 580, is now around 650. I make $50k per year and have a few derogs still left on my report but I would like to graduate to a "big boy" card, ideally a CL of $2000 or above. Any ideas where I should start applying? I dont want to waste inquiries on dead ends. Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys Smiley Happy
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Re: Best card to apply for?

If you have less than 3 Inq's on your EQ and have at least 660 on EQ you could try for Nordstrom Card. Even if you get the store card  with in 6 months you could get the card upgraded to visa card.
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