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Best preapproval ever...

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Re: Best preapproval ever...

CreditMagic7 wrote:
Ok guys, here's a brand new one for us. Maybe i'm the recipient of the very first batch of these.

I suspect it's an internal offshoot from First Premier or it's subsidiary Smiley Happy

First time i ever seen this one. Yes, i save these in dated order and as a reminder of how driven these types are for the desparate unsuspecting consumer at large.

First Savings Bank (Preapproved Credit Card) MC
PO Box 5020 Sioux City, SD 57117

Credit Limit Up To $1,500
Most customers receive an initial credit limit of $350; some higher Smiley Happy

APR. 29.9%
Annual Fee $75
Notice: Some of the set-up and maintenance fees will be assessed before you begin using your card.
If assigned the minimum credit limit of $350 your initial available credit will be only $275

For a nominal fee of just $4.95 per month billed directly to your card, enjoy the benefits of The Premium Club.

Reply by March 17, 2014 to get your First Savings Credit Card.



It's no Barclays, but it's reasonable...  ")

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Re: Best preapproval ever...

$4.95 to be in the Platimum club, on top of that fee?  Yippy, I think you should go for it!  Imagine all those benefits you will get.........

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.....
Always follow these rules: Only take a HP for a new account. Always use the best rewards card for that reward category. Don't close a card unless you know you really should. Never use more than 35% of a credit limit. Recon as much and as best you can. Use the introductory period to the best advantage. Get the signup bonus. Whenever possible PIF or balance transfer so you pay less in interest. Never give an excellent rating when it is actually the norm. Always look for a discount as more is always better.
Always accept candy from strangers because they have the best candy or from people you know have good candy.
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Re: Best preapproval ever...

can you apply for this card for me as well i will send all the info you need

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Re: Best preapproval ever...

Yeah, i always find those hilarious too. It's amazing the lengths these predators will go in issuing them.
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Re: Best preapproval ever...

30-ish years ago a CC company (I can't remember if it was a high interest card) sent my parents pre-approval offers almost every day for months on end.  At first my mom burned them, then she started stuffing everying back in the envelope and mailing it back, finally she wrote a LONG letter and mailed it back in their return envelope.  She made up this long story about my dad being fired from his job, that she had exhausted her savings just to feed the kids, we couldn't afford the gas to heat the house or cook dinner so she had been burning their offers in the fireplace to heat the house and cook our food.  She gave them a big thank you for saving the family from death due to hypothermia or starvation. 


It was hilarious!  Smiley Happy  My mother had a really great sense of humor.  I can't remember if that stopped their offers or not Smiley Happy

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