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Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

Hi just curious if anyone has found a great card for gas rewards, and cash back for other purchases? I don't pay annual fees, so this may be a limiting factor.










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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

bankamericard cash rewards is a good one 3% on gas and 2% groceries. I use my salliemae conversion mastercard that gives me 5% cashback on groceries and gas but only up to $250 per month. I dont use more than that anyways so its ok but I have my bankamericard as a backup for gas and my blue cash everyday which is 3% groceries for backup as well. theres no annual fees for any of these cards either

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

Bank of America's Cash Rewards Visa does 3% on gas and 2% on groceries, up to $1,500 each quarter. Everything else is 1%.


Chase Freedom and Discover More do 5% on gas, up to $1,500 each quarter, but only during select quarters. I think each one usually only has one or two gas quarters per year.


Chase Amazon and Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard do 2% on gas all year, no limits.

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

PenFed has 2 cards with 5% on gas


it's not an annual fee per se, but there is a one-time fee of $15 (to join PenFed unless you qualify) and $5 to start a dummy savings account.


o yea, and your credit needs to be fantastic because supposedly they are very very conservative

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

Chase Freedom gives 5% on gas 6months the year, and with a checking account gets 10 extra points per any purchase. and after you hoard the points if you ever decide to get Chase Sapphire you can transfer and redeem for 20% more on travel.


I list Chase Freedom cause the ultimate rewards mall is probably the best by far, gets you 10 for $1 on Apple products on certain days, and even gves 10 / 1 every day on where you get $50 gift certificates for $25 with an extra 10%? yes please lol


if you have the chase trifecta then it technically gives 6% mixed with a 3% gas card it pretty much gets rid o a dedicated gas card cause you'll average more than 4.5% through the year. You'll probably only save $10-15 a year with normal gas spending i you do this under normal gas spending.

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

Right now WalMart is one of the best deals going for gas.  15 cents off per gallon, which in my market translates to 4 to 5% off, depending on what octane you buy and the price that day. Since WalMart also has some of the lowest gas prices around, I'm effectively saving 30-40 cents off the local average price per gallon.


Of course, it's pretty weak as an all-around rewards card. But I just use it as a gas card, and end up getting a better deal than I would having a gas credit card from Shell/Exxon/etc.

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

US Bank flexperks signature with a checking package. Up to 5% back towards travel on gas purchases. 3% on all purchases.

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

Pen Fed if you qualify. They give 5% off on each DOLLAR of gas  purchased, no limits, year round. Best yet, no mail in rebates or telephone calls to redeem. They automatically deduct the discount before punching your statement each month.

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

I agree, the Walmart card often runs these large gas deals.

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Re: Best rewards card for gas/purchases:

Depends if there's a Costco near you, if you can get the business TrueEarnings then you get 4% back on gas anywhere including Costco gas which is already damn cheap, this will save you more than any 4-6% gas rewards. No Annual fee as long as you renew your Costco membership.

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