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Big secured card or many small ones?

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Re: Big secured card or many small ones?

Nope my wife and I share 1 car and financed it completely in her name.


Only other loans I have is student loans all in deferment for at least the next 2 years when I graduate. They accumulate to 17k thus far.


No other loans besides that :-( I'm pretty much debt free other than the student loans and guess I will just pay the cards off next month and see where I am at because I doubt it will increase to where I need it to be in the next few months.

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Re: Big secured card or many small ones?

ryanbush wrote:

do you have a car load, or any other type of installment loan?


the might be the only thing you can do to raise your score, but i'm afraid the inquiry and hit on your AAoA might not be worth it

If you have no installment loans, then a short term secured loan with the CU would be a good idea to help score.  

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