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Re: Bill Me Later Tip

shane82388 wrote:

I just wanted to post this so that there is reference for future searchers looking for info on Bill Me Later.


I originally applied in May 2012 and it was kind of a disaster...I tried applying on check out for a big purchase on B&H photo and all it did was give me an error. I got hit with an inquiry anyway. Looking back now, it was probably because the total price was more than they wanted to approve, but at the time i complained that it was because of a  home adress mismatch and was able to get it taken off my report about 2 months later.


I tried again today Noveber 20, 2012 and did it a little differntly this time. I signed in to my Paypal account and applied that way. My thinking behind this was that there was no purchase for them to consider "too big" resulting in a decline. The idea was simply to not waste an inquiry and get IN with Bill Me Later and then build up my limit, assuming it was going to be low to begin with.


So anyway, i applied through my Paypal account and was instantly approved this time! $1001 limit, which was much more than i was expecting, considering i was declined for that much back in March.


I havnet checked yet but im assuming they pulled my Equifax again and it only had 1 inquiry from May 2011, so pretty old. I have old baddied from over 3 years ago and have added a few accounts and got credit limit increases since the last time trying to apply.


So i think the best way to apply for this is to just apply without trying to make a purchase as the same time so the fact that you arent approved for THAT MUCH, but would otherwise be approved, wont be a problem.


Hopefully this helps someone else out there to not fall in the same situation I happened to find myself in.

Congrats! I remember all of the problems you had back then. Amazing that you got the inq off! Good work. :smileyhappy:


You did it the same way that I did. I made an eBay purchase from winning an auction (and gambled that I'd be approved), and apped through the BML/PayPal payment to be sure I'd get the deferred financing. It was a BIG hassle to get my BML acct linked to PayPal. It took a week and several phone calls until I finally talked with a supervisor who knew what she was doing. I hope you get yours linked up easier. Once it's done, though, you don't have to hassle with it again. It's really nice to have the hidden TL and deferred financing offers! :smileyhappy:


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Re: Bill Me Later Tip

Got mine linked no problem! Only issue I've had is it takes a full 7 days to reflect a payment in free credit limit balance...grr...
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Re: Bill Me Later Tip

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Don't cancel orders placed with Bill Me Later because it can show pending for up to 30 days from what customer service told me. I had 2 different walmart orders as pending for 23 days. For some reason i've been having a few issues with various vendors that use bill me later getting them to validate my account so i can buy some more stuff.

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Re: Bill Me Later Tip

I love BML,the have great zero interest,for the hell of it I applied and got 2200, I've bought a lot of things including plane tix all at zero percent and they don't show up on cr.the only bad time I had was a purchase at Home Depot that went to my bank account,I took it back and took almost 8 days to get a refund through PayPal .but other than at 2 thumbs up!

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